A Toast to Memories Gone-Bye…

As I feel it is only fair to mention, seeing as I currently reside in the U S of A, despite the fact that other travesties of justice and morals have since transgressed in other countries around the world, I would like to take this time, in this short little post, to remember those who fell (literally or figuratively) on the day of September 11th, 2001. For their memory, although I know it cannot possibly do them justice, nor bring them back in any way save in our minds- I have concocted a short piece of poetry. Shame on me for doing so, as it is nowhere as excellent as a piece about such a day of infamy should be, but mind you, I have done my best to commemorate their loss. Allow me to begin.

Towers, stifling as they fell,

Those flames a licking heels,

Licking as the two-headed dog from Hell.


Licking the jagged wreckage,

The remains timidly crossed,

Licking the holes, the wounds, and the lives eagerly lost.


For such an atrocity, we ask not that bygones be bygone,

Rather that truths be made evident, made fair,

Most fair’r than Saigon.


Let it be known what transpired, in that silver morning glint,

The lives lost at the flip of a switch,

As the building- the tinder, a-lit like common lint.


How’ver, mistaken would you be,

To assume such a thing,

That the event was to be common, commonplace,

And not in memory reign…

I know this can hardly make up the events that transpired that day, especially to those out there who lost loved ones or acquaintances and friends. If one of my few readers lost somebody, or simply feels moved, feel free to keep this poem- if it is any good, at least for memories sake. Do not bother trying to go right by me and cite the source, simply steal it away, as you would have your loved ones’ and friends’ that day. I cannot imagine the emptiness you have felt over the past decade and more, but my heart goes out to you- truly, it does. Blessed may the infamous day that is tomorrow be for you, and let us remember what we lost, but what was forged from the ashes as well. Good night.

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