My GIO 30/30- Day Five

[As Read on GIO.]

[Titled: Talking the Talk]

Aka “Conventional Game Drafting as We Know It”

Today’s blog is about a concept that is both simple, and complex in all of its design and thought processes. It is also quite short in context simply because of the time I had to write it, or lack thereof. Most likely, I will continue this blog as a part two or added information as extra tomorrow or another day, but for now, this is what I have for you to peruse.

The title ‘Talking the Talk’ can be read several different ways. If you know the old saying, you could assume that it means you either can or cannot ‘walk the walk’ as well. If you take it out of context, then you might recognize that, in conjunction with the game design picture above I somewhat satirically listed, it might pertain to developers being able to or not able to carry their projects through- sure either to flaws in their economically based designs or for other reasons. Therefore, that is indeed what this blog is about, which should clear away a little bit of the fog from your eyes and demystify the whole thing.

Many game projects have epic trailers, and it is not common for us gamers to often be completely intriguing by said trailer, only to purchase the game and be completely bummed when it either does not live up to anything remotely near our expectations, or when it is a half-done, hamfisted project at its end. It’s simply a sad but true and tried truth, and not always the intent of the developer- unless you’re middle name is Zynga I suppose. Most likely, as with literature, I have found, the developer finds something they think is pretty neat, set out to make a game of it, and the cool stuff gets lost along the way in a sea of gimmicks and cheap parlor tricks. Also, our perception of what is “cool” and “good” may often differ from theirs as well, leading to further letdowns in the future of their products.

However, that is only looking at the negative connotation of things of course, and overlooking the positive side of this game developing coin. Just as often as they disappoint us, developers impress us beyond belief and bring us an awe-inspiring and epic final product, that might even bypass our already sky-high expectations. Take, for example, games such as The Last of Us and God of War 3- which were relatively downplayed so some extent during development, only to release to extremely positive critical acclaim. Other games are ones that we might think of as “meh” during their development and showing, but come away from their final forms with a good impression and brighter thoughts. These games aren’t perfect, as no game is or most likely ever will be, however, it is undeniable that they still have merit and are as promising as the titles mentioned above. Examples of this would be the artsy Doublefine project known as The Cave, and Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet series.

Drafting an idea for a game is not the easiest thing to do, but it is certainly the easiest part of the game development process by far, as everything else trumps it in vastness and difficulty easily. As scary as that might seem to you other fledgling or aspiring game designers out there, bear in mind, you CAN do it. And you can do it at relatively any time you wish, which is quite convenient and conventionally interesting as well, so to speak.

But that’s enough on that small tangent train of thought there, I’ll get back with you guys tomorrow when I (hopefully) have more time to dedicate to seeing this portion of my 30/30 out to its extent. Until then folks, adieu.

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