New Super Luigi U Review

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New Super Luigi U is essentially a downloadable add-on content pack for New Super Mario Bros. U, and one that, as the name suggests, puts Luigi in the spotlight. For the most part, the game feels and looks the same as it’s counterpart, with the one exception being that Luigi has differing skill from our red plumber. There are over eighty new levels to try your hand at, plenty of bonuses to receive, and also a whole new helping of bad guys to stomp on in order to get that high score. Instead of being the same old, same old however, New Super Luigi U remains fresh, fast-paced, and exciting at all times, and should definitely be a go-to add-on for Mario fans. Being it that this IS Luigi’s time to shine, Mario takes a backseat and is virtually incognito for the entirety of this new game, only making a cameo appearance here and there for whatever reasons he rationalizes.

There’s not much new in the way of a story, if there ever really was one to begin with- as the Mario games are something that, to this day, can work on a pretty slim helping of story if need be, and get by on gameplay alone. The major difference lies in the fact that the game’s original stages have been reworked and retrofitted in order to present new challenges and new gameplay, in addition to the genuinely new levels themselves, of which there are a few. The major challenge here is that you have one hundred seconds to reach the finish, and the shorter you make the journey, the better for your score. For some, time limits are an annoying and constant reminder of the skills you don’t possess, or simply a prodding that you didn’t need, whereas there are others who relish the added difficulty and challenge they can bring to gameplay. In my opinion, that sense of urgency is put to good use in Luigi U.

New Super Luigi U seems to be garnered more towards veteran Mario players more so than newcomers or beginning players, but that’s not to say the latter couldn’t play and enjoy the content. The fact that courses are not only forcing you to speed up, but to have better reflexes and skills seems to only be a natural evolution for the gameplay, and I relished every minute of it myself. It’s a far cry from the main game’s leisurely strolls through a beautiful backdrop, and make things both more exciting and more rewarding.

There have been a few other miniscule changes made to the gameplay format, ranging from differences in gravity to being able to play as Nabbit the Rabbit. I an interesting change of pace, Nabbit doesn’t use items or powerups, doesn’t take most environmental damage, and can help out beginning players more so. It’s interesting to finally see some more new content for the game, and a showing from Luigi as well.

Concept: Play as Luigi in new and revamped levels.

Graphics: Same as the source content.

Sound: The chiptunes and scores return from the main game, pretty similarly.

Playability: A quality piece of content.

Entertainment: More of a time trial than the past content has been.

Replay Value: Moderate.

Overall Score: 8.5

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