Ambitious Title Ideas I’d Love to See

[Written on GIO.]

Ambition knows no limits, as the Sith have proven again and again…

Allow me to clarify what this semi-short blog will be talking about. In the title, I mention that the blog pertains to ambitious title ideas I’d love to see in the near or distant future. That means just what it sounds like it means. This blog is going to focus on gaming aspects that could be very promising story, gameplay, or aesthetic ideas at some point in time, given a little development. Keep in mind, these are my personal opinions, and you’re inclined to agree or disagree with them as you will. I do not mean to say that these ideas must be taken and used, nor that they shouldn’t or should be- they are merely that…ideas. So, without further ado, let me begin this blog in true fashion…


True Choices

What does this mean?

You may be thinking “but plenty of role-playing games have given us the elements of choice over the years,” and that I am crazy for mentioning this as part of my blog, but you’d be partially wrong. Sure, RPGs and other games spanning genres and series’ from Black Ops II to Baldur’s Gate have given us choices, but have they been more illusion than reality? We are often given the illusion of choice and truly free will, while in fact, certain stimuli affect and effect the outcomes of games and scenarios in a number of ways. It may be staggering to know that there are no less than 726 outcomes across the board of the Mass Effect series, however, each was programmed in by BioWare, and not actually truly adaptable by player choice. What I mean by true choice is simply explained as free will on the players’ part. We can create our own game that will essentially adapt and evolve. Now, granted, you might encounter possible and probable problems such as increasingly aware AI and what could- if unchecked, turn into Skynet in years, however, what’s a little risk without reward? This is a simple idea that would not only revolutionize storytelling and gaming, but learning and nearly every other technological field in existence. I wouldn’t expect to see this for a long while yet, if ever, though. But it is certainly ambitious and awe inspiring to think of. Almost like something out of Ender’s Game…

Merging On/Offline

What does this mean?

Now, I know many upcoming games are promising to do this, and a few titles already have to some extent done this as promised. However, what I would like to see is a truly merged on and offline gaming component, with absolutely no line between the two modes. The most promising three titles that I can think of that seem to have this in mind as an end goal are Destiny, Titanfall, and The Division- games created by three different groups of people with three different intentions, but all agreeing to create on/offline merged experiences. Two of which will essentially be MMO/FPS mixes, and the other which will be a TPS/Tactical Shooter experience. Each sounds promising- The Division most of all, but even it has separate areas promised to each game mode, instead of the modes literally being mixed together seamlessly. If we can do that in singleplayer experiences with cooperative mode thrown in seamlessly such as in Dark Souls, why can’t we do the same with multiplayer? Of the three ideas I am talking about today, this should be the easiest to achieve, and probably the one to be done the soonest in relation to today’s gaming world as well.

Merging Medias

What does this mean?

Quite simply, by merging medias, I mean to say that there should be no line between interactive and cinematic. We should merge movie and game experiences, but not just by making an interactive movie or video, but instead by having an entire nonlinear experience penned and broken up by things much more advanced than QTE. The epic cinematic scenes in Mass Effect are excellent ways to tell a story, and are occasionally broken by dialogue, but imagine if you could move and groove within them as well, but to a more serious extent. Then you would never be watching another’s actions within a game, instead making your own decisions the entire way through, and further evolving the experience in a similar fashion to my first point of evolving story and plot. This could be made possible in several ways, and in many others, already has to some extent. I’d definitely like to see more of it however, and in a more advanced way than simple movements and dialogue.


Have any questions about what I’ve mentioned here, or what exactly I mean by some of the things I’ve said? Then don’t hesitate to send me a message, comment here, or otherwise give feedback in any possible way. I thank you for taking the time to read this short piece, and look forward to reading your blogs and reviews as well. Good day folks.

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2 thoughts on “Ambitious Title Ideas I’d Love to See

  1. Tim Gruver says:

    A quite ambitious proposal indeed. I fear that a new Sith writer is rising among us. . .

    • plainwrek says:

      Haha, actually I’ve attempted a contract to write for Lucasarts before… And I have written a few unofficial short stories in my spare time pertaining to that galaxy, but alas- I am not one of the chosen few deemed worthy to write them. And yes, the ambition is there, and these are definitely things that- if they happen, will happen well in the future for sure.

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