The Worst Games of this Generation

[Written on GIO.]

The following list is a list of some of the games that are, in my humble opinion, the worst dregs of what this console generation has had to offer us to ‘play’ and ‘enjoy’. Not only have the majority of critics concurred, but public opinion is that they are extremely lacking in more ways than one. I will have broken the list up into three sections: broken, flawed, and bad. I’ll also include a sentence or two about each game, sharing my thoughts and experiences with the titles. Keep in mind, all of these games on the list are my opinions, so if you disagree, agree, or just feel like speaking up- feel free to comment here.

Broken Games

Fighters Uncaged- A fighting game that forces you to fight with the controls more than any of your opponents.


Destroy all Humans! Path of the Furon- This broken mess is not only no fun, but it isn’t even absurdly comedic- just stupid and pointless.


Jumper- A poorly thought out movie with an even more poorly thought out game.


Iron Man 2- If you thought the first was bad, you’ll be saddened to know that the second is even worse.


The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct- This shouldn’t even bear the name of the Walking Dead series, it’s that bad.


Fuzion Frenzy 2- Words cannot describe the pain this game brings to mind.


Rogue Warrior- Dropping f bombs for no apparent reason, and being pointlessly violent and stupid in almost every scene.


Soldier of Fortune: Payback- A terrible entry in an always mediocre series.


Conflict: Denied Ops- This game leeches the fun out of every scenario it offers, and the ones that are nominally exciting are generic and forgetful.


Hour of Victory- It’s a copycat of just about any cliched action title, minus memorable moments and fun of any sort.


GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra- For a movie that was underrated but alright, this game is an even bigger slap to the GI Joe franchise of years past.


Iron Man- There’s nothing iron about this game’s mechanics or levels.

Neverdead– Neverdead needs to stay dead.

Flawed Pieces

Two Worlds- The second redeemed the series, but the first’s flawed mechanics were hard to wrangle on a good day.


Jurassic: The Hunted- A terrible story and boring gameplay bogged this otherwise intriguing game down.


BlackSite: Area 51- A boring story, or lack thereof, and a game that felt halfbaked and unfinished.


Too Human- The first game of what was supposed to be a trilogy showed extreme promise, but instead became monotonous and annoying throughout levels.


Shadowrun- A bad name for a classic game, and a mediocre showing of a reboot.

Bad Juju

007 Legends- If you thought Quantum of Solace was chock full of bad mechanics, you’re in for a world of hurt with this game.


Aliens: Colonial Marines- Even Aliens vs. Predator was better than this, and more revolutionary.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Parts 1 and 2- Harry Potter games have been handled poorly for years, but these ones add in kinect and miss the mark entirely.


Thor: God of Thunder- Not the thunder god’s strongest moment by any stretch.


Call of Juarez: The Cartel- Call of Juarez has normally been a pretty sturdy series, but this modern take on the franchise shouldn’t even be considered a part of that good story.


Star Trek- If only JJ Abrams had made this- then it’d be good.


Damnation- This game should really be condemned to hell, that’s for sure.


Spider-Man Friend or Foe- Spider-Man 3 was pretty bad, but this just trumps it all by trying too hard to be even more kid friendly- and failing at even being fun.


Bulletwitch- A truly flawed and annoying game that misses every mark just about.


Velvet Assassin- The environments look terrible and the story isn’t even believable half the time.


I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the awful experiences that I’ve brought back to mind, and remember to give me some feedback if you agree or disagree or are indifferent about my choices. Thanks for taking the time to check out this blog, and have an excellent day folks.

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