Why James Vega is my Favorite ME3 Character

[Written on GIO.]

Hey- don’t start flaming me. Let me finish what I’m saying here. Yeah, that’s right- I know what you’re thinking. You think that I don’t appreciate the myriad other characters in your prior Mass Effect parties, or that I am new to this series. Well, I hate to break it to you, but I’ve played all three games many times over, even going so far as to complete a full, 100% Paragon runthrough of the three games with a character from the first one. Anyway, while overall, for the three games, Liara or Garrus would definitely be my top picks for any squad, mainly because of their personalities and skillsets, James was a refreshing face, and another good character to get to know as I progressed through the game. That is why I enjoyed having him around, and always took him on missions- while the other squadmate might have changed from Garrus or Tali or Liara or Ashley.

James Vega starts off as an unappreciated asset, and one who doesn’t appreciate that you just saved his butt from the hellhole that planet Earth quickly becomes once the reapers invade. As you progress through the story however, and Vega gets to know you a little better- especially your ‘loco’ side, you truly see the man for what he is: a loyal companion and stalwart friend. All the way up until the final fight, Vega showcases some witty and down to earth dialogue, a thrilling sense of humor when least expected, and also an unparalleled edge in combat. Vega is a new character to the game, and one that has been added relatively late, so at first I didn’t expect much from the guy- but he really showed me by the end, didn’t he?

Now, sure, with the addition of tons of new characters in Mass Effect 2, you’d think I’d be more likely to list one of them as my favorite character- but since you never really get the chance to see most of those party members again other than in cameo mission appearances throughout Mass Effect 3’s storyline, they really aren’t fleshed out that much. Even though he is only in one game, Vega pulls his weight and then some- literally throwing himself into the fray, or at least at another shuttle from time to time. Vega is an interesting and spirited character, and one I am sad that Shepard didn’t have a longer time to spend with. Now, that’s it for this brief little blog- be sure to tune in this week for a few more thoughts on portions of my trilogy spanning paragon playthrough. By the way, next month I’m doing a renegade 100% playthrough as well. Stay sharp, and grab some medi-gel.

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