The Division: One of my Anticipated Games

[Written on GIO.]

Despite the extremely generic and forgettable title, The Division is a Clancy brand game, and therefore has some high ideals and gameplay to live up to if its anything like previous Clancy games. For the most part, the Clancy tag has been unsullied over the years, and I sincerely hope that continues with this game, mainly because it seems like a very promising idea- and one I wouldn’t want to be wasted.

Sure, we’re all waiting for some more news of Rainbow Six Patriot, but The Division looks just as promising and just as good right now, and even shares a few design similarities to Patriot. One of the coolest design choices of the game thus far, in my opinion, has been the breaking up of the open world into three areas that have generally been three different modes in traditional gaming. The quarantine hub serves as your social interaction overworld, the open areas where you can work cooperatively with friends and other players to take on assignments, and the competitive multiplayer of the dangerous dark zone.

This alone is a very promising idea for the future of gaming, showing how more games are attempting to do things similar to what Bungie is doing right now with Destiny. I think most of the multiplayer and singleplayer tying together started with Mass Effect 3 in a small way in 2012, but I’m glad to see it expanding and taking a new focus through other studios as well. Instead of simply being a story traded from one to the other, you can actually seamlessly travel from one mode to the other at any time.

Another point of interest is the map system. You literally open up a big, sprawling interactive map and orient it as you see fit- heading for objectives, vendors, or other points of interest. It’s definitely quite visually impressive at the least. One final aspect of this small blog is the gunplay- which is quite lethal, and provides an air of difficulty. I look forward to combat and navigation challenges to come, and will continue to update this blog as I go. Thanks for reading.

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