E3 Announcements- The Small Man’s Business

Hey there folks! Sorry I’ve been relatively silent for the past week or so, but I’ve been- while not actually attending this year, following the E3 expo quite thoroughly as of late. Today’s announcement concerning the expo however, isn’t anything abut the big, third or first party titles set to release sometime in the coming years, but instead on the semi-indie or smaller scale developers and titles set to launch sometime soon. Not all of these titles are considered indie titles, but I strongly suggest you check them out if you have not already, as they are showing quite some potential. Here’s my must-see list so far:

Some news on Murdered: Soul Suspect– a game which has one of the most original premises for exposition that I’ve seen in recent years.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has an interesting art style and looks promising.

Below already looks more epic than some finished products, and even with just some screens and a trailer, it’s all promise.

We don’t know too much about it yet, but The Order: 1886 sounds entirely too epic to miss.

They created Bastion first, and Transistor looks to be pretty awesome as well.

Nobody knows what X is, but if it’s anything like Xenoblade, it’ll be full of awesomeness.

The Walking Dead: Season One was awesome, and to tide us over, TWD: 400 Days is coming soon.

Knack might not be that epic sounding, but to look at its creativity and design, it looks and sounds amazing.

More PvZ sounds good, and the newly announced Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare looks, and sounds beautiful.

Arma has long been recognized for its inherent realism, so Arma III is no shocker to have on this list.

Coming off of State of Decay, and wanting to get more into Arma for III, DayZ sounds quite nice…

Hohokum sure has an awesome drawn-to-life look.

The first Payday didn’t receive as much attention as it probably should have, but the second- Payday 2, looks to change that.

Tearaway promises to utilize the majority of the handheld it comes to, and it still looks epic.

With one awesome game down, Phil and crew decided to announce Fez II it seems. What more can I say?

Some newly announced indie-only games such as The Recital, Lovers in a  Dangerous Space Time, C3, and 6180 The Moon all look incredibly promising.

I’ve been on board since the beginning, but Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z just got a whole lot better.

Puzzles and magnetic fields haven’t sounded better since Half-Life 2, but Magrunner: Dark Pulse seems awesome, so check up on it.

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