Radical Thoughts: Dishonored

So, now here’s a quite radical thought for you guys today- why shouldn’t we create a television show based upon a video game? Okay, sure the same thing has been brought up before, and even sort of done in some cases- but it’s never really been successful, and the right people just haven’t been involved. I imagine one recently released (last year) game in particular would make a fine show, and could even evolve past its game bounds into multiple seasons based on possible content alone, copyrights aside for the moment. Imagine if we turned Dishonored’s blood soaked revenge tale into a Game of Thrones/Sopranos/Burn Notice action series, eh? A pretty radical thought, huh? Just imagine the endless possibilities if we could theoretically do this, which we probably wouldn’t be able to- but that is besides the point. I imagine Lost’s creative genius in JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof as the conspirators behind the script and story pacing during directing, as well as Paul Dini thrown in for the mere heck of it, as cool as he is. The characters themselves- Corvo, Daud, etc. could be portrayed by on-screen nobodies or big names, I’m ambivalent on that matter- however, they would need actors able to portray their parts, and bring them out to the fullest. Oh, and did I mention this would be a Game of Thrones-esque revenge and blood soaked fantasy? Well, expect plenty of Red Wedding moments here as well folks. That would be my take on Dishonored, whether it be one season or many, evolving plot or not, or simply following the roots of the game itself in every aspect. A lot could be done with this game’s creative material, so now imagine what we could do with the plethora of other fertile dumping grounds out there, eh?

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