Trivial Pursuit: The First Annual JohnWrek Trivia Challenge

Today’s blog is going to be a more interesting, light-hearted trivia blog of sorts. I know this may seem narcissistic in many ways, but it will be a blog featuring myself, and will question you about just how much you know about a certain subject pertaining to me presently here at GIO: my blogs that have been written over the years. I hope to make this a fun, annual occurrence, so I will release one of these next year as well, assuming I’m still around and nothing odd happens that would result in my departure from this wonderful community. If not, then at least you will have this one to play around with. I hope you will enjoy the twenty blog trivia questions that I have in store, and be sure to go back and search my blogs for some of the subtle and not-so subtle hints. Now, allow me to begin with the rules and regulations.

Le Rules

Answers can only be found in my blogs.

You must laugh at the witty fail in the above picture, if you found it (them).

Answers, if posted by you in the comments, do not have to be exact- simply close.

Be sure to check your answers underneath each question (they will be in white to blend in).

Highlight or turn the site black to see the answers.

Enjoy the trivia challenge.

Post how many you got right, or close calls.

I will make an example comment to spur discussion.

Questions are in chronological order, to make things easier-ish.

Le Questions (and Answers)

1) What was the ending quote from my very first (officially published) blog here at GIO?

Answer: “Need your cajones, son.”

2) What was the first Game Informer issue that I blogged about my responses to and thoughts on, here at GIO?

Answer: Issue #227

3) How many video game franchises did I say “should take it easy for awhile?”

Answer: 7

4) One of my critically acclaimed blogs, which game was I promising to revisit after nearly a year of it being out?

Answer: Portal 2

5) What was the title of my co-blogging extravaganza with JayWrighterJames?

Answer: The Evolution of Spider-Man in Video Games

6) What game did I make a parody sequel announcement post to shortly after my co-blogging exploits? (And what was the parody called?)

Answer: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell)

7) In my blog praising the Dark Knight’s concluding chapter, I stated that what point was number five in that particular blog?

Answer: Continuity

8) What blog has a title that seems very similar to one of my more recently released blogs, the one known as The Persian Perspective?

Answer: The Playfire Perspective

9) What was my contribution to the weekly question genre of blogs here on GIO?

Answer: One Feature you’d add to Any game

10) This blog about a list of games included how many theoretical sequels by Valve Software?

Answer: 3

11) One of my most popular blogs, which was also featured in Blog Herding and the GI Newsletter, defined what term for warfare?

Answer: Unconventional Warfare

12) My blog on an excellent game known as a successor to System Shock 2 was titled what?

Answer: Jack’s Redemption

13) In my blog pertaining to Thanksgiving Day Warrior, I titled each part of the blog with allusions to what game?

Answer: Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

14) The first episode of my short little synopsis series called Let’s Talk featured what game?

Answer: Guardians of Middle-Earth

15) What was the title of my little top 25 blog?

Answer: The Top 25 Impressive Features in Gaming

16) In this philosophical blog post, I broke from the norm by including what anonymous quote?

Answer: “The world doesn’t stop for any single person- it just rolls on with or without you, regardless of how important you may or may not have been to it’s peoples.”

17) In this blog I told you some tips on hoe to create a good blog. What was part four’s title?

Answer: In Which we Reach the End of our Journey…Or do we?

18) In this particular blog, I correctly guessed that what game would score the score given to it by GI Magizine in Dan Ryckert’s review? (What score?)

Answer: Gears of War: Judgment (8.5)

19) One of my most beloved top 10’s blog lists, this blog talked about this generation of gaming, and included what game as the seventh of the ten interesting games that impacted this gen?

Answer: Mirror’s Edge

20) Following three subsequent blog reviews and coming before a review of a game that GI gave a perfect ten, what blog did I post with a picture pertaining to that game? (And what was the game’s title?)

Answer: The Top 10 ‘Perfect 10’s’ of GIO (Bioshock Infinite)

Le Finish

It’s been a fun little trivia challenge, and I hope you will deign to comment.

Give me feedback on what scores you got (out of 20).

And feel free to comment on what you thought was neat.

Thanks again folks, and as usual, until next time…adios.

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