Editorial: Experiencing Arkham Insanity

(Everyone knows Batman hates guns! So let’s use electric rifles instead! Yeah!)

So, I’ve recently been replaying a lot of series’ that I had absolutely enjoyed to their fullest extents on my purely 1000s oriented profile, and I’ve been getting back into many of them. You’ve probably read my Prince of Persia opin-blog, and I’ll most likely be posting more things like these in the future as well. Among the series’ that I’ve been re-indulging myself within are the Prince of Persia series, Batman: Arkham series (and the subject of this particular little blog), and the Halo series (mainly the elder titles). I hope you will enjoy some of my thoughts here in this open ended little discussion, and, as per usual- please feel free to shoot em a private message, drop a little comment, and rate as you see fit. I’d really appreciate the feedback and any edits I might need to make to the writing, as I normally make this stuff up spur of the moment anyway, right? Jokes aside, let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about the basis of the entire Arkham series’ premise and focus: A Dark Knight. The Dark Knight.

Prior to Injustice: Gods Among Us, which also takes a brutally realistic (if you can consider Superman hurling Solomon Grundy into the Earth core realistic) approach to insane combat and narrative, Batman: Arkham Asylum and City were not only the go-to super hero games of the DC Universe (because DCU vs. MK doesn’t count), but a fine testament to everyone’s favorite dark knight as well. Sure, Injustice held up Batman’s reputation pretty good, and gave the knight a nice little facelift as well, but we all know that the rich story, the dark and satirical narrative of the Arkham universe was what we honestly longed for. And that’s why Rocksteady/Warner will be bringing us Arkham Origins I suppose- which, skepticism aside, I for one am still looking forward to. From the get-go, despite its flaws, which are very few and far between, Arkham Asylum grabbed my attention back in 2009, and then again with the GOTY edition I eagerly snatched up for my collection the following year. The same thing happened the next year, in 2011, with the anxiously anticipated Arkham City, which trumps even its predecessor, and is undoubtedly one of Batman’s best adventures ever. The Arkham series has always delivered thus far, and the level of polish that goes into those games is truly astounding. I commend Rocksteady for their work, which should stand the testament of time easily.

(A nice little Arkham logo for your bedroom, should you be willing to move to Arkham City.)

To start wrapping up this brief little editorial synopsis, I’d also like to talk a little bit about story line and plot- without, of course, ruining much more than has already been done so for you. The very basis of the ever unfolding plot- in both Asylum and City, is always started (and ended) with a real bang. Whereas Arkham City ends on more of a bittersweet and morose touch (mainly to cater towards Hamil’s Joker no longer returning), Arkham Asylum ended with a party- which Batman subsequently pooped on. With a crash. A big crash. (He’s just a party animal isn’t he?) You can’t just characterize these two epic games by their expositions and outcomes however, as it’s the meat in between that really sets them apart and makes the ten hour experience both enjoyable and a challenge. While it isn’t always ramping up the action, and purposely creates a little downtime here and there in order for you to focus on side missions and other tall orders, the volatile mixture of the witty archenemies, hysterical and often insane goons, and other whimsical inhabitants of both Arkahm Island and Arkham City are what truly make these games the experiences they are. Trust me if you haven’t tried them. And don’t cite having a Wii as being your excuse for now buying these- you could easily get the Armored Edition (which is epic as well) for about $30.00 or so now. If that.

In closing here, I have been intensely enjoying my time over with some really excellent series, and from Grand Theft Auto to Red dead, I’ll definitely be enjoying some more nostalgia here in these coming weeks. Unless, of course, I get bogged down with so many epic new titles releasing- such as (may I direct your attention to…) Remember Me and Resident Evil: Revelations, etc. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my daily little quip- as short as today’s inevitably ended up being, due to it not specifically being a spoilers-oriented blog, and to my lack of available time on this particular day as well. Anyway, regardless, have a great week, and play your hearts out (either here on the podium at GIO or) at video gaming in general, and in your favorite games around.


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