Recent Reports: 3 DLC Packs I’ve Recently Replayed

A.K.A- Stuff I’ve Screwed Around With and Want to Fill You In On…Maybe Again.

So, long time no see folks. I’m sorry that I haven’t been that active these past few days/weeks or so, I really am. I’ve been a bit tied down with work as of late, but I suppose that’s really no excuse- especially since my job basically entails working with games now anyways… But… I come bearing gifts and presents and blogs and such, so that makes everything all better- right? Sure it does. Anyway, I’m going to be sharing with you three DLC downloads that I made (specifically for my Xbox 360, so other user/player experience may vary for the ones available on other consoles) and have enjoyed over the past month(s). I’ll include a little snippet about each- relatively spoiler free, as well as a small little rating/review for each in addition, and if I’d highly, moderately, or not recommend that you play it. Well now- without further ado, let’s get down to business shall we?


Fable III: Traitor’s Keep DLC

Fable III is a strange game to really classify. I loved the graphics update from Fable II, however, I didn’t overly enjoy this particular game as a whole to much. It almost seemed to forced along at many instances, and many of the repetitive combat features either returned or made sure that new quirks and gimmicks were lubricated before being subsequently shoved down my throat whilst playing. Anyway though, main game aside, I’d like to talk a bit briefly about this particular downloadable expansion. Not much in the way of adding content, Traitor’s Keep really only adds four new areas to the expanses of land that you’ve visited throughout the main game, and takes place chronologically after the game’s conclusion as well. You’ll visit a secret prison island and three other island areas- each revolving around the eventual boss you will either face down, defeat, and kill, or that you will spare out of goodwill. With the DLC’s conclusion, I realized that my own Albionian ruler had basically gone on a wild goose chase and wasted his royal time, because the already convoluted Fable plot gets even worse when you realize you basically undid everything you just spent about three hours doing. Add in some more fetch quests, sorry excuses for side missions, and three new “fun” collectable hunts, and you’ve got a steaming, boring lump of crap on your hands to wash off. Want my final verdict?

Score: 5/10- Wouldn’t Strongly Recommend.


F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin- Reborn DLC

I’ve always lauded the sequel to the original console edition of F.E.A.R as the best console game in the series, although the original for PC has always been my overall favorite. Bearing this in mind, I eagerly ventured back through 2009’s release and post-release DLC these past few months, with hardly a mind to Gears of War: Judgment or any other newer pickups sitting on my shelf, and nary a regret. My only complaint on the DLC side of things is the abruptness to which Foxtrot 813’s short sojourn comes to an end, after only four “intervals”- the fastest in the game. Imagine four ‘levels’ all about the same length as the ones entitled ‘Keegan’ and ‘Climax’ and you’ve about got the gist of things. On easy, I think I literally ran through the entire expansion pack in about an hour and twenty minutes at most, and it only took awhile longer on harder modes due to some added need for stealth at times, and caution in combat (which is always unforgiving) at others. I loved the DLC, short though it was, and repetitive as it seemed at times in its blood, gore, and shoot-em frenzy, and I’m glad Monolith let me come along for such a wild if short eight second ride. Here’s my take.

Score: 8/10- I’d Recommend it to FEAR Fans and Shooter Fans for the asking price its worth at 800 MS points only.


Mass Effect 1: Bring Down the Sky DLC

I’ll outright admit it: I’m a big fan of the Mass Effect series, and I have been since the start, and probably always will be- issues with particular elements of some of the games aside. I loved Mass Effect 1’s true RPG and space odyssey elements, ME2’s action and narrative gameplay, and ME3’s endgame for Shepard, despite qualms with the actual endings and their ‘resolutions’. All this aside, you really must pass up the expensive Pinnacle Station DLC in favor of the Bring Down the Sky mission if only given one choice of expansion content for the first game. It’s a no-brainer. Giving Shepard yet another Alliance mission to clean up might seem like just another annoyingly unrewarding side quest, but it quickly becomes much more. Upon landing on an asteroid bound for a destructive course on a nearby terraformed planet, you must find missing scientists, fight Batarian insurrectionists, and make one of the toughest choices in the first game itself. While I won’t ruin that choice, or its epic consequences/rewards later on in the series, I will say that it is a very well fleshed out side assignment, and quite worthy of a main quest embodiment, even though it never was one and never will be. Bring Down the Sky will quite literally bring down the sky on your head and strike you funny with awe from its beautiful Mass Effect visuals of an earthen vista to its actual narrative and challenge on higher difficulties. Try it for yourself at the small asking price of only 400 MS points. Here’s the final call.

Score: 8/10- I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite DLC for Mass Effect 1.


Well, there you have it folks- my first official blog back, for now anyway, until work catches up with me yet again. Luckily, I’ve caught a respite- however brief it may prove to inevitably be. I’ll be blogging this weekend as well hopefully, and might even find the time to do a review or two if I’m lucky. Until the next time my friends. Sierra 117 signing off.

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