Sniper Elite V2: Nazi Zombie Army Standalone DLC Review

I’ll admit, I’m a pretty big fan of Rebellion’s work on the most recent Sniper Elite game, Sniper Elite V2- which released last year, midway through 2012. I think they did a fine job on the game, and still enjoy playing it and it’s cooperative missions today as well. The nutshots never get old, and are hilariously worth it, as sadistic as that may be. I even recall giving the game a solid 8.5 on the GIO review scale as well, which has since seemed to be the general sentiment of the blogging/reviewing community online here as well. Today however, Sniper Elite invades some familiar territory to action and FPS fans: zombies. Nazi Zombies to be exact. Although it is an obvious reaction to the recognized popularity that this particular mode has acquired since it’s birth in World at War’s post-campaign moments, and the four player coop is strikingly similar to that of Black Ops’, V2’s zombies establishes itself as new and different in its own way as well. All in all, it’s actually quite the nail biting experience, and full of terrible thrills and horrifying backdrop.

Nazi Zombie Army may be an expansion for Sniper Elite V2, which is an action-oriented stealth game, however, NZA is a completely new beast. You’ll be chewing through ammo just like Left 4 Dead, and mulching as many or more zombies as well. Complete with it’s own set of normal and ‘special’ zombies, NZA features sniper zombies (a first, I do believe), BAR/heavy weapons-esque gunner zombies, bony skeletal zombies that make up for lack of substance by being scarily fast, and of course hordes of the average undead on the normal side of things. The core gameplay is pretty basic, but that only serves to make it feel all the more primal and instinctive to excel at: gathering materials necessary for survival and gunning down zombies. Seeing as each lengthy stage pits you against massive numbers of the undead, you really do still have to strategize a bit more than in normal games if you want to survive the “assault”… Although, as many have and will soon find out to their utter dismay, the best laid plans…

One good thing about this particular expansion (aside from providing new content for an excellent game), is that the controls are just as tight and well-responsive as the regular campaigns, and the coop works very well with the allocating of jobs to your partners in crime survival. The whole thing can be played, er, attempted alone- however I would not recommend that, as it is much more beneficial for everyone to play cooperatively. The spectacularly unique and innovative x-ray killcams make a return as well, which certainly makes the action all the more enjoyable and exciting. Overall, the expansion, while limited currently to PC only, was actually quite fun and enjoyable, and I would certainly recommend it to everyone who enjoys Sniper Elite and zombie survival titles. Especially for the $15.00 it is going for on Steam…

Concept: Zombies. Lots of zombies. Nazi zombies. Zombies released by Der Furher.

Graphics: They are just as brilliant and beautifully brutal and satisfying for kills and visuals as the normal game was and is.

Sound: The creepy ambiance is unsettling.

Playability: The controls are just as responsive as the game itself in this stand alone zombie romp through the European heartland.

Entertainment: Like something straight from Left 4 Dead, each stage is harrowing, exciting, and fast-paced throughout.

Replay Value: Moderately High.

Overall Score: 8.5

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