Making the Bold- or Should it be Breaking the Mold?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you’ve all been eagerly anticipating something new to light the darkness in my absence here.


Okay, well in that case… No. In all actuality, I have been quite busy of late- so busy, in fact, that what little amount of creative juice I hadn’t already burnt up in the past few months has all but disappeared back into whatever godforsaken hole it first alighted from. This has been the main reason for the few- sporadic and cryptic at best, posts that you may have noticed every few days or weeks or so within the month of August. Well, I’d like to hopefully say that this will be no more.

Now, to be heretically clear with you… I do not mean that I am shutting this ‘project’ down, nor am I resolving any inner conflicts in order to bring you people yet more poetic piety and pragmatics per day.

No, it is not that.

I am merely resolving to attempt something more easily thought out and intricate in both design and mechanics, as well as a somewhat longer breadth of time for energy and ample excuse equally. What I am in fact proposing is already in formation at this very minute, in this very post I do dare say.

Writing- that’s the essence of it. First and foremost among my lobbied and/or hobbied non-professions is my skill or lack thereof in the fine art of writing and argumentation. Although I have in fact posted previously some scant views on minute written works other than poetry here, they have been few and far between- numbering no more than three if memory serves correctly, which it may or may not be at the moment.

I am proposing to you such a delicate thing, that could either tip the balance of the scales for good or ill- not that it would otherwise subvert myself in any way or redirect my attentions elsewhere should it fail, which I hope it doesn’t. I will attempt to give you one or two decently- because good is a too subjective and anointed word, written pieces every week or on a biweekly basis.

Is this a compromise we can reach? Perhaps so, and perhaps not. Maybe I will objectively view the political rhetoric of Tom Clancy’s Executive Orders in correspondence and correlation with the political banter of modern ‘fun’ today, but then again perhaps not.

What it will probably boil down to is the interests of my own writing, and even more so- an interested take on writing about the works of others; whether objectively viewed or biased and skewed- that will be for you to ascertain. Here’s to the indefinite amount of time before us, and whatever pleasant or not-so surprises it may carry with it…

Bonne nuit mes amis et lecteurs…


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