Recovery- Unedited

Chapter I- Signs of Recovery

<An Excerpt>

It was a very overcast day. The sun was completely shrouded in the eternal darkness of the smog and over-coatings of grime, literally floating in the air about the city. All that could be seen, all that could ever be seen, for that matter, was the brief flash of the rays, or little golden hue in the otherwise dark and dank pallor of the oppressive cloud cover.

It was exactly half past seven now, and yet the morning was already looking bleak and the ever pessimistic citizens of the ironically named, New Haven, were in as foul a mood as ever. If one ha looked up, though the eyes of the city rarely did, as they knew, or thought they knew, what would greet their eyes; then they would have been very shocked to see that for once, more than just a corner of the sun was poking its head out from behind its dense curtain, and was actually out for at least a good twenty seconds, which was a start.

Yet, indeed, nobody even glanced in the general direction of the ever present overseeing celestial body, much less watched it. No, instead, they just went about their own small, insignificant lives; scurrying around like black rats in a dark and cold cellar. However, contrary to this general observation, there was one person paying attention. Now, here, we are brought to a very peculiar specimen…a very ordinary man with a very ordinary job; a janitor.

Especially now, in this busy, small, and ominous city, a janitor would be the least of anyone’s worries…though little do they know, everything is soon to change… Now, this janitor’s name was not so common and ordinary; it was actually J’wanicha after the third prime minister of the commonplace of Z’had Abduir. These sounded seemingly unimportant to others, though the visitor the poor man was about to encounter, and who would change his world, knew otherwise.

Once again, J’wanicha decided to peek upwards, and was rewarded with another glancing sight of the always present guardian, the sun. As he continued to finish cleaning out the mess hall of the cafeteria in the city hall, he once again glanced out the window, hoping to get another look, but was instead disappointed and only saw the slight yellow coloring in the still-dark clouds.

“Ahai! J’wanicha du phaga?” Hi! J’wanicha, what’s up? Turning to see his friend, J’owan coming towards him, J’wanicha greeted him with the accustomed Mal’kor greeting, “Phaiglah! Her’kef dih looda, J’owan?” Hello! How go things in your town J’owan?

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