Unmentionable Rebellion

<An Excerpt>


It all began with rain. It always did, and always would begin so. The rain fell heavily and pattered along the rooftops down upon the ground, making slapping noises not unlike the hungry sounds of slobbering dogs licking at your heels as you ran through the streets. It was merely a customary reminder of the thoughts in many a fugitive’s mind as he ran from the illness spreading throughout the city, growing ever stronger which each passing night.

It was an illness of death, destruction, and vanity- an illness of life without purpose, and life without chaos or open rebellion. And it was this very plague that was decimating the very thoughts and innate humanistic creativity and ingenuity of the people of that city. The people of Ro.

Ro was a stereotypical city of culture and evolution. The perfect renaissance town, one might say. And the opportune place for those dastardly intelligent leeches to begin their quest for power- or at least, its roots starting in this particular city, as they had long since destroyed others and left their rotten husks behind…  That was how it has been for the millions of other small towns and major cities they had indiscriminately purged in their vying for the powers of nature and hypocritical thoughts of peace over domination, and that was how it would be for Ro as well- wiped from the very face of the world, and only uttering an existence on the maps remaining.

Perhaps, however, things could be changed for Ro- perhaps their fight that had admittedly never existed, still could return from ages past for one desperate battle against the incarnations of evil. Perhaps there was one chance for things to change, to be different for this one town. A steadfast rock in a sea of storms- lonely, but firm in its isolation from decaying islands amongst the rapidly churning wake…

Yes, what Ro needed most was a chance- not a hero. A hero could not possible be content to win only one battle, and that would be his downfall- however, a chance could win it all for this one place, this one safe haven. In order to be given that chance though, the people must cry out and affirm their beliefs in this desperate endgame.

This desperate game that begins on one dreary, inconspicuous gray day. And yet, this would be the day that could change things forever- for both this one city and others, should they succeed or not. This is that day.

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