Brighter Darknesses

Oh, even the brightest place,

Must have its own darkness.

For no matter what size,

What shape it entails,

That darkness is there.

And oh how it waits to tear,

At you, yourself, or others at hand.

It matters not, for this is the domain of darkness,

And the Black Land…

Oh, and how it rips away,

Those thoughts and memories,

And things you did so hold dear or love,

Such things that are always best left alone,

Best locked away and forgotten,

Remember that when the time comes, and the darkness spreads around you,

Like a cage enshrining the virgin dove…

And such terrors there are, valid as they seem,

Those terrible shadows in the dark, bright with horrors though they gleam.

And so now I prompt you, warning you to beware,

Because whether it’s you or others,

It will come for someone who cares-

Someone who bears,

This difficult burden that you see-

Someone, almost quite like me.

So, be forewarned, such thoughts do provoke,

Those among you who would choose,

To aid this darkness in its murder,

Its attempts to choke.

It would choke you, your family, your friends, and us all-

If only it had the chance,

If only it could masterfully produce such an elegant fall.

But thankfully, it cannot-

Or at least, not yet you see,

Because the thing it is truthfully after, and truthfully wants,

Is quite simply put: me.

And, oh how it would hurt,

How the pain would bite,

Should we all accept that murderous invite.

An invitation to dine, and yet one to die,

Because then it would be you and I,

Place upon that banquet table come suppertime…

Of course, once more,

We must not forget,

That it is only myself who is in trouble,

Although you do aid and abet…

This cause for which we shall never forget-

And never forgive either,

For darkness knows what we intend,

And surely the key areas it shall defend.

So, do not forget,

And do not forgive,

For now we know what others must,

That our true pitfall, the horror of humanity,

It is our profound lust.

Remember that you must be gone, be off,

Before he can come and *ahem, cough.

For those who truly care, shall see him in his true form-

The shape that darkness takes on and changes,

That shadowy mare.

And now oh how we know,

That even our brightest places exalt in darkness,

And that those who we think of as our heroes,

Are in fact pawns placed upon a board that even those such as ourselves cannot see…

So let us remember,

When he comes for us, we do not ever give in, nor surrender,

But we put up a fight unto the lasting days of our life,

And perhaps, someday, others shall remember…

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