Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review

Ezio’s final chapter in the Assassin’s Creed universe may be one of the weakest links in the franchise yet, but that does not make it a terrible game in any way. The game’s main factors all contribute to the one, original goal in mind for the final chapter of Ubisoft’s master assassin: To make him seem more vulnerable, and no longer the young, brash, and untouchable Italian that he once was.

This is all accomplished easily, and according to plan- as well as much more being added. Not only does this installment in the series feature the most downloadable content to date for an Assassin’s Creed title- having thus far released three DLC packs and with more in the works, but it also features another compelling, albeit short storyline. While none of the previous installments of the series have extended the amount of chapters from the first- being sixteen, and each game has grown seemingly shorter- that does not make them any worse, merely more highly in demand.

With the first AC game showcasing its bloody story through all sixteen chapters, and creating a masterfully rendered universe of Assassins versus Templars, the second excursion featuring a young, revenge-seeking Auditore, a suchapter of the second (Brotherhood) having an even shorter story arc, but set in one giant city and introducing multiplayer, this latest installment proves much and continues more.

Not only does it utilize the same multiplayer components of Brotherhood, but refined and refurbished to shine anew and be even more impressive than its predecessor, but Revelations also showcases yet another compelling story line, as well as some new and memorable characters in the giant city of Istanbul and the outlying areas surrounding it. With new inventory items, new modes of play, and new tactics- Ezio gets a major upgrade, and even the control scheme receives a minor overhaul.

The first thing that I noticed, strangely enough on my first runthrough of Revelations, which I have since completed and am working towards the various collection achievements- was the change of the Eagle sense trigger from the traditional Y button of the previous games to the clicking of the left control stick. While this shows Ubisoft’s leaning towards easier or more advanced controls, and suggests some changes in the future, it also gets newcomers to the series an easier way to experience the harder and more challenging combat and escape of the newest game.

That is another thing. While the combat has never been particularly easy per say, although Brotherhood’s counter-kill functions that remain in the newest title do serve to give Ezio more offensive tactics, the enemies in Revelations prove to be smarter and more aggressive than ever before. Where enemies in previous titles may have given up on searching the surrounding areas , for you quickly after your disappearance, the enemies of Revelations will often stick around for much longer in hopes of catching you at a later time.

The enemies are also much more upgraded, much as they were from the first game into the second. Now, it may take you multiple knife strikes or stealth kill tactics to bring down simply one foe in the case of the Janissaries and their henchmen. This is very scary and a challenging thought indeed, making for a more stealthy and cautious approach as to the traditional ‘run and knife’ one. 😉

While these things may all be true of the gameplay, another aforementioned yet ever important component of the newest AC title is the characters that interact with Ezio throughout the story in more ways than one. Most prominent of all are the key figures that maintain good or bad relations with the mentoring assassin, such as Suleiman, Sofia, and Yusuf. The characters are even more detailed than in any other title, and even go so far as to have their own special chapters of memories specifically dedicated to them in many more missions than just one as seen in past games. Altair also features as a big influence, as you will find yourself playing as the first game’s champion even after the events of the first title, which proves to shed some light on his fate…

With a further fleshed out array of characters, refined multiplayer mode, and some new and interesting DLC expansions as well as achievements, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is still a very exciting game and another strong point for the franchise, if a little on the short side. Just think, this gives us more time to warm up for the supposed new game- whether it truly be AC3 or not. Hopefully it will be one of the longer and more interesting games in the series to date…

Although this review has been a tad short in comparison to my usual ones, here we go with the final round of applause for the title of the talk here… Here is the Game Informer scale of things on the matter of decision for the fate of ACR in this article of choice:

Concept: Create a new chapter in Ezio’s saga in the Assassin’s Creed universe while making the master assassin seem more vulnerable and down-to-earth. Craft fleshed out characters that interact in various ways for good or bad with the Assassins and their mentor, as well as a tragic and interesting story where everything is not as it seems at all times. Broaden the Assassin’s archives and the fan’s experience through this rendition of the Creed…

Graphics: As usual, Ubisoft remains on the cutting edge of graphical mastery with this newest chapter in the broadening Assassin’s Creed saga, and the action sequences retain just a much of the amazing graphical performance as the scenic vistas do, regardless of framerate or output.

Sound: Another gripping array of melodies and lullabies invades the territory of the Assassins and Templars in this newest title and expansion, as it manages to permeate even the deepest cracks and crevices in the AC world… even within the caverns and confines of a Templar City.

Playability: An Assassin’s Creed title that plays as smoothly as any of the others, if not more so with its quick changes from combat to traversing the world of AC and vice versa. The flow of combat and the ease at which you can destroy your enemies at whim whether strategically or rampantly proves to be invigorating as ever, especially when armed with a new arsenal of finishing moves and deadly stealth attacks as well.

Entertainment: The title is as entertaining as ever, if a little on the short side as Brotherhood was, but does not in any way lack for excitement or fun when completing various challenges for factions or simply roaming the beautifully crafted world.

Replay Value: Medium High

I hope that, as usual this long-awaited and enjoyable to write review has been received well and helps you to either make the commitment when buying such a wonderfully enjoyable game as this one, or to not- regardless of preference. Enjoy!

Overall Score: 9.0

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