Rage Preview Review

Rage is a unique experience among others, and one that offers many hours of exhilarating mayhem and delectable carnage. While you would think that the commonly recycled aspects of a post-apocalyptic environment  (a wasteland- shocked?) and first-person shooters would drag this game down, it manages not to at all. As the “fathers of FPS” take the cake once more with a beautifully crafted and excellently paced game, you may still notice that while it is by far a very enjoyable experience on the whole, quite a few things could have been improved-  though I enjoyed the experience and it is definitely a worthy title to add to my shooter collection. It- however,  could have been a better crafted adventure in some respects.

Game Informer gave Rage a 9.0, which is a rather good score for any game to shoot for overall, and I agree that this is pretty much accurate. Although it incorporates two different spectrums of the shooter anthology, I believe that Rage is just as good at what it does as games such as Modern Warfare 3 or Dead Space 2 are- both of which being comparable shooters that also received 9/10s for their overall scores.Despite minor inconveniences such as texturing being spotty and sloppy up close and when areas are loading fully, or with the seemingly limitless wasteland in actuality being very linear- Rage is definitely a must play, explosive adventure.

Rage sets you off with the cliched silent character approach, but quickly warms up from the outset with the advanced combat mechanics that are still somewhat easy to grasp on lower difficulties,  as well as graphics and interactions within the apocalyptic world. From cinematic checkpoints of interest to the fast-paced buggy races and zombie-like mutants, the game sure knows how to deliver key thrills, and that is the main reason that Rage seems to have been created for- to give the player a wild and hectic ride lasting several long hours and full of quests and easy-to-earn achievements. It certainly meets that goal easily.

While multiplayer was probably the biggest letdown for veterans of other iD games, seeing as there were no straight up shooter or deathmatch modes, the buggy races online and their corresponding achievements are well worth the attempt, and are also interesting throughout the campaign- where they are featured as neat mini-games, and even prominently in travel as well. If you want that extra 150 gamerscore/trophy points or so, you’re going to have to try it out a few times, as you won’t earn every achievement on one playthrough otherwise. You get to literally take the “wheels for a spin” in these action-packed modes!

A classic deathmatch mode would’ve been welcome, and still could be should iD decide to release a downloadable expansion for multiplayer modes with inclusions such as deathmatches and other common yet creative new modes. That would definitely go over really well with the fans and other players, however it wouldn’t be extremely necessary as it would also entail a lot more work on something that might not be as well received as the game itself was on such little faith originally. Who knows, maybe future DLC quests or expansions will be more than enough to sate our giant thirst for carnage…

Even should you disregard the slight letdown of multiplayer, the single-player experience in and of itself should keep you preoccupied for a very long while, as well as produce some genuine thrills and even the occasional scare here and there (Mutant Bash TV). Whether you’re playing your luck at Mutant Bash programs for the maniacal TV/Radio station owner J.K. Stiles, or gunning down miscreants and bandits in and out of town- you will always enjoy the massive thrills that the game delivers upon playing. I can guarantee that, from the moment your butt hits the couch and the disc is popped in- you will love every second of Rage’s combat, vehicular slaughter, and outright destruction and over-the-top cinematics.

That would probably be the thing I enjoy the most about this particular game in fact, and the rich single-player experience alone would merit the game a 9.0 even if everything else was stagnant and the details far from perfect. Sadly, this isn’t entirely so because of other minor issues within the game, but they do not serve as a strong deterrent nor do they overly detract from the game in any ways… I must say, overall Rage was an incredible experience, and one that I’d like to repeat some other time should I feel the need to. Thanks iD for another wonderful game, and one that literally branches out and walks out of the dark halls of Doom and other shooters in favor of  the harsh reality of such a wonderfully crafted wasteland…

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